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Welcome to 350crateengines.com – your crate engine expert site. On our site, you will find 350 crate engines for various vehicles. We offer new, used, and rebuilt engines that have been expertly crafted. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, if you need a 350 crate engine you’ve come to the right place. Give us a Toll Free call to find out why our 350 crate engines are different from all the rest.

Chevy 350 motors are unlike many other engines out there. These engines were originally made to find into commercial pickup trucks and various other vehicles. Every 350 engine that you see on our site measures 350 inches and most of our engines hold 5.7 liters. If you know exactly what kind of 350 crate engine you need, great! Just tell one of our engine experts about your specific needs.

If you’ve never purchased an engine before, and you have no idea what you need – that’s ok too! Just provide one of our professionals with your vehicle’s VIN number, and we’ll find your engine for you. We work with an extensive network of engine manufacturers and suppliers, so finding the engine that’s right for your vehicle is easy for us to do. Within moments of speaking with one of our representatives, you’ll have:

  • All of Your Questions Answered
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Crate engines are easy to install, since these engines do not require any additional pieces. You’ll also find that placing a crate engine inside of a vehicle is merely a matter of dropping the engine in the right place. Many people prefer crate engines due to the effortlessness involved in installing an engine of this type. At 350crateengines.com, we make this process even easier.

From start to finish, we’ll guide you through the engine buying process. Our experts will make engine recommendations based upon the vehicle information that you provide, but we’ll never pressure you into buying an engine that you don’t need. We believe that our engines and customer service speak for themselves, so we don’t have to rely upon any sales tactics. The only thing you’ll get when you call us is a professional opinion – no sales tricks involved.

Take your time looking around out site – you’ll discover lots of helpful information, engine specs, and other facts. When you want to find out the price of an engine, give us a call. Even though we list some prices on our website, the best way to gain an up-to-date price is to contact us. Remember – we won’t put you on hold, and we won’t make you wait. Your FREE price quote is merely a phone call away.

Don’t waste your valuable time searching for a quality 350 crate engine – we have what you need, guaranteed. Go ahead and call one of our engine experts, we’re waiting to take your call. Whether you have a question or whether you want more information, we are here to serve you. When it comes to 350 crate engines, we have what you need – guaranteed.

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